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CMC 2024! 

Welcome to CMC 2024!


Wow, we have all been through so much over the last few years. This is now the fourth CMC event with the first, back in 2020, being postponed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and many things have happened locally and globally since. It’s times like these that we can draw on music, not just as a career opportunity or as a way to achieve goals, but as a source of comfort, creative outlet and expression. Music can help get us through tough times as well as help us to thrive in the good times, and that’s what we’re gonna dedicate this year’s CMC to – drawing on music as a way to unite, express and find healing. In today’s event there will be opportunity for lyric writing sessions with the topic of wellbeing as well as spoken word and open mic sessions on this theme too. This will be coupled with all usual things that we can expect from CMC – performances, workshops and networking opportunities! We would like to give you a very warm welcome to CMC 2024 and hope you have a great experience!

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